Lollipop is proud to offer a fully-accredited Kindergarten program.

Welcome To Kindergarten!

At Lollipop, we strive to provide your children with the best possible Kindergarten environment and program. Students enrolled have the opportunity to reach their full possible potential. It is also our intention to exceed every parent’s expectation with this program.

What We Offer

Our Kindergarten Curriculum

Reading And Literacy

Our kindergarten program focuses on helping students recognize uppercase/lowercase letters, demonstrate comprehension, read independently, and use print strategies.


Our teachers help students write, print, draw, and dictate to better express their creative ideas. We focus on spelling, proper capitalization, and grammatical punctuation as well.

Speaking And Listening

In Lollipop’s Kindergarten program, we teach young learners to take turns speaking, raise their hands, clearly express thoughts, ask questions, and make relevant group contributions.


We teach students to count from 0-100, describe measurable attributes, analyze patterns, classify objects by category, and identify two-or-three dimensional shapes.


In our science academic instruction, we measure how students demonstrate an understanding of key concepts, participate in group discussions, and engage in classroom activities.

Social Studies

During social studies, students learn about topics related to family/home life, local community, and history. We measure how students engage, interact, and participate.

Special Art Projects

Our kindergarten curriculum focuses on creative art projects and themes. We strive to provide students with a clever correlation of art, history, literature, science, and music.

Gym And Movement

At Lollipop, kindergartners regularly have the opportunity to play in our mirrored, 1,100 square foot gymnastics, tumbling, indoor play, and movement room.

Music, Song, And Dance

Music, song, rhythm, and dance are a core staple of our kindergarten classroom curriculum. Our music teacher works to incorporate special activities into our weekly routines.


Kindergartners can use two extensively equipped playgrounds, as well as a third grass-covered play area. During inclement weather, the gym can be used for indoor play as well.

Work And Learning Skills

We focus on helping students develop personal skills related to following classroom directions, remaining focused, working independently, and participating in class discussions.

Social And Play Skills

We measure how students play independently and with others. Plus, we help them develop self-control, good manners, self-confidence, respect, and sensitivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

All Kindergarten eligible children must be turning five by October 15 of the approaching school year. Currently, Lollipop's Kindergarten program is limited to 14 students.

For the kindergarten program, a full-year commitment is required. As of 2023, the monthly fee is $1,950 with a 5% pay in full discount, which is available until April 15 of the approaching school year. No refunds are available after June 1st.

To ensure students are growing academically, socially, physically, and personally, we have a number of assessment measures in place. Twice a year, we provide parents with an extensive report card which encompasses several key areas.

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