Our Curriculum

We meet the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional needs of children in our care.

Our Educational Curriculum

Lollipop is an educationally-focused preschool that is established on an elementary school format. We design our curriculum to meet all of the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional needs of the children in our care. We strive to meet the needs of each child while creating a fun, caring environment that enhances a love of learning.

Curriculum Design

Our curriculum includes well-rounded educational programs that are designed to meet the physical, intellectual, emotional, and social needs of the children.

Curriculum Learning Goals

We emphasize several foundational skillsets and fundamental goals as part of our educational curriculum. These desired learning goals are always highlighted in student progress reports.

Social & Emotional Development

We measure student's social and emotional skills related to sharing, speaking, responding, and transitioning.

Academic Development

Academically, we ensure students recognize colors, basic shapes, numbers, names, and letters.

Language Development

Language development is focused on helping learners speak and pronounce correctly.

Personal Development

We measure personal development by how students recognize their full name, age, birthday, and address.

Cognitive Development

Cognitively, we want students to recognize their own names, identify shapes, and complete their ABC's.

Number Development

Students should be able to count to 20 and recognize terms like "more," "less," "big," "small," and "how many."

Reading & Literacy

In our Kindergarten program, we help students learn to read independently and establish comprehension skills.

Work & Play Habits

Our in-depth progress reports examine a student's sense of attention, curiosity, participation, and independence.

Special Areas

We measure performance and participation in special areas like gym, music, art, and playground activities.

Gross Motor Skills

During activity, students strengthen their gross motor skills for walking, running, jumping, and catching.

Fine Motor Skills

We analyze a student's ability to work with scissors, hold a pencil, write numbers/letters, and draw lines.

Practical Skills

We also help student develop practical skills for using manners, cleaning up, and toilet training,

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