A.M Drop off – Arrive as early as 8:35am but not later than 9:00am. (Ideal time: 8:45am)
A.M. Pick up – Children can be picked up between 11:35am and 11:50am.

P.M. Drop off – Arrive as early as 12:35pm but not later than 1:00pm. (Ideal time: 12:45pm)
P.M. Pick up – Between 3:35pm and 3:50pm.

ALL children should be picked up by 11:50am (morning session) and 3:50pm (afternoon session)

Classes begin promptly at 9:00am (morning) and 1:00pm (afternoon).

Please observe these times. Your cooperation is appreciated.

We must be notified in writing or by phone before releasing a child to anyone other than a parent or persons on the authorized pickup list found on the application. The person picking up must have identification.