IMG_1181.jpgFifty years has proven that the right people, with the right training and dedication, make all the difference in the tender early years of a young child. Today, Lollipop School’s reputation as the premier early-childhood facility in the Pascack Valley is well-known. Teachers here are carefully screened, and all have four-year degrees with education certification from accredited colleges.

With a state of the art building constructed in 1998, Lollipop School stands ready to forge ahead as a proven leader in the field of early childhood education. Here on the magnificent, park-like grounds, children have the benefit of three playgrounds, an indoor gym, a cafeteria, and an art room. As an added precaution, a generator, panic alarm, and electronic locking system has been installed to help ensure as safe an environment as possible. The entire building and grounds are constantly monitored by 34 video cameras.