Our Curriculum

We are an educationally focused nursery school setup on an elementary school format. Our curriculum is designed to meet all of the physical, intellectual, social and emotional needs of the children in our care. We strive to meet the needs of each child while creating a fun, caring environment that enhances a love of learning. We maintain an environment that challenges children and encourages intellectual growth.


We have prepared 6 bright, cheery, classrooms at Lollipop. Each class is specifically designed for a certain age group. There is a 4 to 5 month age span between youngest to oldest in each classroom. See more classroom photos.


At all times, each class is supervised by a minimum of three adults; a teacher and two assistants. All of our classroom teachers have a 4 year degree, as well as, a teaching certificate. Additionally, our art, gym, and music teachers work with all children in small groups on a weekly basis.


Interactive Boards

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our Interactive Boards. They were introduced into five of our six classrooms during the 2014 – 2015 School Year. These boards are a wonderful teaching tool and aid in learning. They have programs installed based on the Core Curriculum Standards and also allow the teachers to customize lesson plans. Due to the fact they are interactive; the students actively participate by using the child-friendly touch screen. In addition to programs, the Interactive Boards have access to the internet and can be utilized as a large touch screen computer.


The tablets are a wonderful learning tool that incorporates technology into the classroom. All of the classrooms now have child-friendly hand held tablets. The tablets are personalized so each child has access to his/her own program and can proceed at his/her own pace. The programs advance with the child and can be monitored by the teacher. All material is saved and progresses with the child the following year.

See more photos of our computers.


The Art Room, for special projects, is an environment focused on creativity, where projects and themes are attractively posted for all to see. A clever correlation of Art activities, history, literature, science, and music themes make the presentation unique. The art teacher transforms the Art Room into a truly magical place for young children! See more Art room photos.


Rhythm, song and dance are incorporated into our daily classroom curriculum. Special music activities with our Music teacher are included in our weekly routines. See more Music room photos.


A mirrored 1100 square foot MOVEMENT ROOM for gymnastics, tumbling and numerous other large motor activities is a favorite spot of all the children. The gym can be used as an indoor play area, when inclement weather prevents the students from outdoor activities. See more photos of our gymnasium.


Two extensively equipped playgrounds are offered to accommodate all ages at their own level. A custom-designed castle, pirate ship, and the latest in modular activity systems are available to provide a challenging, fun-filled environment. A third grass-covered play area is always available to be used for organized games. Our playgrounds are truly spectacular and second to none. They must be seen to be believed and fully appreciated. See more Playground photos.


Hot lunch is included for all full day students. This room can also be used as a multipurpose room during inclement weather as an alternative to the playground. Click here for a Sample Lunch Menu.